Top 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2017.(Will Change YOUR Smartphone Experience)

Top 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2017 .

iFlex flexPhone Concept Has Flexible Display:
Are flexible displays the holy grail when it comes to portable consumer electronics such as the smartphone? I suppose you could say so, and Samsung did take a step in the right direction where flexible displays are concerned at the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, here is a concept that will run along the same line of thought – the iFlex flexPhone concept, being the creation of the de Poorter Design studio in Milan.The whole idea of the iFlex flexPhone concept is to illustrate the future possibilities offered by such new flexible displays, where both sides of the rigid flexPhone aluminum case will remain connected to the central silicone part via a deformable inlay, in order for the device to assume and maintain any desired angle while supporting new usage patterns.
Curious Mobile Phone Design Concept:Don’t want to miss calls due to small ring tone or slight vibration? Maybe in near future, the bottle-like mobile phone will be a nice solution.Curious is an innovative mobile phone design concept by Youngkwang Cho. As we can see from the images, the concept mobile phone features a unique carapace styled casing, and the smart carapace is able to automatically change its shape when call is coming. At rest, the mobile phone lies flat. Once call comes, the sections of the carapace will begin to flex in order to offer you an ergonomic shape for answering your calls. After the break, check out the images about the design concept.
Transparent Phone and Tablet :While perusing the interwebs in search for the next “big thing”, I came across the following concept of a transparent phone and transparent tablet created by Tran Nhat. The UI shown here is basically a sketch, in black and white and only demonstrates how a transparent device like this would work.First of all, the phone… it’s a glassy and glossy thing with an edge-free facade and a top and bottom black area, probably holding the components. While the phone can afford this approach, the tablet uses side edges, a top and bottom, where it most likely stores all components. Both the phone and tablet adopt formats that feel like the iPhone and iPad respectively. Transparency gives birth to a lot of applications and features, but a good idea would be to turn it off when need be.It would be distracting to play a game with a transparent background, to be frank. The camera applications and augmented reality ones will look great on these devices, but what about the rest? The aesthetics are also nice, but in the end what’s all this about? What do we gain from transparency, aside from beauty? There’s also the use of glass to make it happen, that makes devices fragile, in spite of the Gorilla/Dragontrail advances.
BlackBerry L Concept:BlackBerry device concepts are always fun to look at, and generally leave us wanting something like that in real life. One of the most different concepts I’ve come across comes to us courtesy of Andrew Zhilin. The BlackBerry L Concept combines a screen that slides across and on top of the famous BlackBerry keyboard we’ve all come to love. Yes, it looks different, for sure, but you have to give the designer props for an innovative approach to this concept.
According to his post on Behance, “the ultimate goal of this project was to break usual preconceptions that people usually have when they hear “concept phone”. Imaginary device can be way more attractive and wanted if it’s designed according to reality guidelines. The closer you get to the inside border of LCD, the more user feels it “real”
Hexagon Wavy 2 Concept:I sure hope designer Seraphan85 is not upset because I chopped up his beautiful collage of the foldable phone Hexagon Wavy 2 and divided it into the beautiful images below. After seeing flexible Samsung phones and all sorts of concepts and prototypes with foldable screens, I have to say that the device below is actually a good idea.That’s the way you make a bendable smartphone, while keeping it sexy. This looks like a triple folding model and the designer claims he used Blender 2.70 and Cycles to create it. The texture was made with Inkscape and the finishing touches with Gimp. When completely folded, the device s a bit thick and curved, but when opened up it’s like a Nokia Communicator from the sci fi future.

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