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Telegram? What is that anyway? And why not WhatsApp?

Behind Telegram are the so-called digital nomads and no fixed office. On the Telegram website you can find that the Telegram developers are in Dubai. But before that they have also been based in London, Singapore, and Berlin.

The two founders and sponsors behind Telegram are the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Both are actually from St. Petersburg, but left Russia when they tried to get access to their users’ data.

Telegram is said to be very safe. A large part of it is actually open source and the communication is encrypted. Of course there is never 100 percent in cybersecurity. Nevertheless, more and more people rely on Telegram. There are now more than 200 million active Telegram users.

WhatsApp is the opposite here. There’s an encryption, sure. But the U.S. government wants access to it. Furthermore, there are repeated accusations that Facebook also abuses the content of the chats for targeting ads. And by the way, Facebook wants to ask companies that send messages to their users to pay. Each message costs a full 7 cents per user. That alone, in addition to all the security aspects, makes it impossible for publishers like us to use WhatsApp. We earn nothing from this service and would have very high costs.

How can I download Telegram and subscribe?

If you already use Telegram, it is very simple: just click on this link! Everything else should then be self-explanatory.

If you do not have a Telegram yet, no problem. There is the app for almost all operating systems:

In theory, there is also a web version of Telegram. It is suitable for the simple subscription to our channel. Once you have downloaded the app and registered, click on this link again. Done!

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Should you have enough of it, you can of course easily unsubscribe from our service.

How can I join the AndroidPIT community at Telegram?

In addition to our news channel, we have set up a community channel for exchange and discussion at Telegram at your request: AndroidPIT Community You have two possibilities to join the discussions:

You can join the group directly via this link.
You subscribe to our above described news channel AndroidPIT News 📲? After each news item the “Discuss” button appears at the bottom of the field. After each message you can decide whether you want to discuss the topic.

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